The search for the perfect birth bracelet

In 2018, after our godson was born, we started looking for the perfect birth bracelet. We were disappointed by what we found—most gold bracelets for children lacked originality and weren't beautifully presented. This sparked our passion, and we decided to create something special ourselves. That's how our kids' bracelet brand was born, driven by love and a desire to offer unique, beautifully crafted pieces.

An idea was born

Wondering if we could create something better, we reached out to a relative with years of experience in the jewelry business. Their guidance gave us the confidence to dive in. We spent several months brainstorming, designing, and perfecting our creations. It wasn’t easy, but our passion for crafting beautiful, meaningful bracelets for children kept us going. Finally, after much dedication, we proudly introduced our first full collection, each piece reflecting our love and commitment to quality.

Our first sale

In March 2019, we were finally ready to launch. We eagerly awaited our first sale and, yes! Just a few hours later, we sold our first bracelet. The excitement was incredible, and it confirmed that our gut feeling was right. Our passion and hard work had paid off, and we knew we were onto something special.

We are expanding

Fast forward many years and thousands of satisfied customers later, we saw a growing demand for more types of cool jewelry for kids—and for moms who wanted to match with their little ones. That's why we now offer gold earrings, birthstone rings, and name necklaces for both moms and kids. Recently, we’ve also introduced beautiful jewelry boxes, so you have the perfect place to keep all those precious gems. Our journey continues, driven by the same passion that started it all.

Made in Europe.

Al onze armbandjes worden ontworpen in België en geproduceerd en samengesteld in Italië.


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