De 5 Leukste Cadeautjes voor Jouw Pasgeboren Petekind

The 5 Cutest Gifts for Your Newborn Godson or Goddaughter

Have you recently become a godfather or godmother? We list our 5 favorite gifts you can give to your godson. We give you tips and tricks on what is expected of you in terms of budget and type of gift. Without a doubt, this is one of the best moments of your life. But of course there is also a certain obligation: your godchild expects to be pampered by you.

But what do you buy for a newborn baby? Nothing too breakable, because they will break it. And preferably nothing too trendy, because of course you want something that will last for several years. Not easy, but there are still some options. Not to fear. We surveyed hundreds of moms and dads about what they would find a nice gift for their newborn child. And of course, we also took into account what we like ourselves. We'll list the most chosen gifts for mete-or godchild in a moment for you, but first....

How much do you spend on a gift for your newborn godchild?

Of course, that depends on what your income is, and how much you like to spend yourself. Still, we'd like to give you a guideline. Most new godparents spend about 250 euros on their first present. That seems like a lot, but know that as a brand-new parent you already have a lot of expenses. Of course, things can be a little more modest. If you are more creative, you can put together something really nice on a limited budget of €75. If you are a little better off, you can also give several gifts. For example, some godparents give a more utilitarian gift, such as a stroller or crib, and a more unique and timeless gift, such as a gold baby bracelet.

What kind of gift do you give as a godfather or godmother?

Basically, you can give anything on the birth list, or what you think will make your godson happy. But in general, most gifts fall into 1 of 2 categories: use gifts or timeless gifts.

Use gifts usually come from the birth list. They will usually be things that the brand-new parents don't already have, and may take a big bite out of their budget if they have to purchase them themselves. Unfortunately, these are not always timeless gifts, and your godchild won't get much use out of them, but they will certainly save the parents some headaches.

Personalized gifts may be a little less useful in the short term, but make up for this by often lasting a lifetime. The idea is to give something personal, a gift that your godchild will cherish for the rest of his or her life. Something that will always be a memory of you. For example, you can give a first piece of jewelry, such as a gold baby bracelet. But it could just as easily be an old watch or an old ring that has been around in the family for generations. There are endless possibilities, but the crucial thing is that it is truly personal.

Our 5 favorite and original gifts for newborn godchild or godmother

A gold baby bracelet

Our absolute top favorite is, of course, a gold baby bracelet. It ticks all the boxes of what a gift for godchild or godmother needs: timeless, durable and personal. What's more, it also just looks super cute and adorable. You can find a gold baby bracelet starting at €95. If you want to give a truly timeless gift, it is best to give a bracelet made of ungilded 14 or 18 carat gold. This way you can be sure that the color does not rub off, and the bracelet better retains its value. And if you want to make it completely personal, you can engrave your godchild's name and date on it.

If you are looking for a gold baby bracelet, feel free to check out our collection. All our bracelets are made of real gold, without toxic substances. All our bracelets can be engraved with name and date.

Creative notebook

Want a personalized gift that your godchild will enjoy for years to come? Give a booklet with coupons that lists activities you can do together. Each voucher entitles you to 1 activity you can do together.


'Going to New York together at 18', or 'A dinner for you and your first sweetheart''. Let your creativity run wild, you can go as crazy with it as you want.

Maybe it's more of a gift to give somewhere, of course you don't want to give all your presents in the future. But you're guaranteed success with this one!

A self-knitted hat or socks

Do you have a little less budget and are you creative? If there's one thing newborn babies don't have yet, it's a full closet. So let your creative brain go wild, and knit a pair of socks, or a cute hat. You can also knit a nice set of matching clothing pieces.

The fact that you made these yourself makes it all just that little bit more special. You can give these together with the creative coupon book, for example.

A gift from the baby list

If you want to give a user gift to support the parents, you can always give something from the baby list. Of course a little less unique or personalized, but just as useful. Most baby lists have items that are slightly cheaper, and items that are slightly more expensive. There is something for everyone. If you have a little more budget, you might want to add some for the baby carriage. Or you can buy a mattress for sleeping.

Plenty of choice if you go for the baby list.

A personalized gift

A tut, tether, box, shirt, toy that is personalized? You can have all kinds of things personalized these days. This way you can give a useful gift that is still a little unique. Take enough time to order these in advance, because they often take a while to be ready.


Also super fun to give with another gift. Put a nice or original text on it, so everyone knows this gift is from you ;).


Hopefully this helped you a little in your search for the ultimate gift for your goddaughter or godmother. Looking for even more inspiration?

Feel free to check out our baby bracelets or baby earrings.

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