Wat moet je weten bij het kopen van een gouden naam ketting?

What should you know when buying a gold name necklace?

Buying a gold name necklace is a special purchase. Whether it is a gift for yourself or someone else, it is important to be well informed before making this personal and valuable investment. Here are some important aspects to consider.

From Pure Gold to Gold Plated

The most obvious material for a name necklace is, of course, gold, but there are different types of gold to choose from. Pure gold, referred to as 24-karat gold, is actually too soft for everyday use. Therefore, it is better to opt for a name necklace made of 14kt or a name necklace made of 18kt gold, which is stronger due to its mix with other metals and still retains that beautiful golden luster.

In addition to traditional gold, you can also choose gold-plated options. Gold-plated necklaces are less expensive and consist of a thin layer of gold over another metal. It is important to note that gold-plated jewelry can wear off or lose its color, especially if it comes in contact with water, perfumes or lotions. Choosing a high-quality gilding and regularly cleaning and storing the jewelry can extend its life.

When buying a gold-plated necklace, you pay comparatively more for making the necklace than for the material itself. Gold necklaces retain their value a little better as a result, making them a slightly more durable purchase.

Strength: A Crucial Consideration

Although gold has a timeless beauty, it is by nature a soft metal. This means that gold chains, especially those of higher carat content, are prone to breaking if they get caught on something. Extra caution should be taken with thin and finer necklaces. The thickness of the chain and nameplate also plays a role in durability. Consider a thicker chain or thicker nameplate for extra strength.

In general, gold-plated chains are slightly more resistant to damage because they are made of less soft materials. If you plan to play sports with your necklace or are very active throughout the day, then a gold-plated necklace might be worth considering.


The design of a name necklace can range from simple and elegant script letters to more elaborate and decorative styles. Some people choose to have the name engraved in a unique font or with special embellishments such as hearts or stars.

Personalization: A Meaningful Touch

Adding a name to a necklace is often more than a fashion statement; it represents a personal connection or occasion. People often choose names of loved ones, children, or important dates to commemorate a special moment, such as a birthday, birth, or Mother's Day. This personalization makes each necklace unique and a beautiful keepsake.

When choosing the perfect gold name necklace, it is important to keep in mind both what you like and what is practical. Much will depend on how and where you will wear the necklace. Consider the material, the strength, and the personal meaning behind the necklace. An informed choice will result in a beautiful and meaningful piece of jewelry that in many cases can be worn for a lifetime.

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