5 cadeautips voor de ideale push present

5 gift tips for the ideal push present

Moms-to-be and proud partners, we are going to talk about something very special: push presents. Yes, you read that right. Aside from the overwhelming joy you feel at the miracle of new life, brand-new moms have definitely earned something extra. We all know that pregnancy and childbirth are no mean feat, so why not celebrate this milestone with a gift as unique as this experience?

Whether you're looking for the perfect gift to show your appreciation and love, or you're the mom yourself who secretly hopes for a small token of recognition (because let's face it, you've accomplished something fantastic), you've come to the right place. I'm going to walk you through five quick tips for the ultimate push present. And yes, for those who love a little bling, we're also adding some of our gems. ;)

Ready to discover how to make those first moments as a new mom even more magical? Let's dive in.

Tip #1: Personalized Birthstone Necklace.

This piece of jewelry symbolizes the unique bond between mother and child, with a gold chain embellished with birthstones for each family member. The beauty of this is that you can add an additional stone with the arrival of each new family member. This way, the necklace grows with your family. Each stone corresponds to a birth month, giving each pendant a personal touch and a colorful reminder of the special moments in your lives.

And let's face it, what mom doesn't get excited about an extra gem to add to her collection? You can find some beautiful push present necklaces with birthstone in our collections.

Birthstone Necklace: 2 stones - Olivia for Kids

Tip 2: Luxury Spa Day for Mom

After the exertion of childbirth, it is important for mom to take time to recover. Therefore, a spa day is a gift where the brand new mom can take some time to fully pamper herself. Several spas allow you to book a package that includes spa and massage (or manicure).

It's crucial not to schedule this right after giving birth, though. A woman's body goes through a lot before, during and after childbirth. So give her space to decide when she feels ready for this pampering.

Tip 3: Gold Name Bracelet

A gold bracelet engraved with the new baby's name is a classic that never goes out of style. This tradition is not only popular among moms, but a baby bracelet with name is also often given for children by godfather or godmother, providing the opportunity for matching "mother-and-child" jewelry.

In our extensive range of birth jewelry, we offer several bracelets that can be ordered by both mother and child (in different lengths, of course). This allows both of you to wear a tangible reminder of the birth.

Tip 4: High-end Diaper/Grooming Bag.

Forget the typical diaper bag. A trendy and emerging gift for brand-new moms is a trendy designer nursing bag. These bags are a gamechanger for style-conscious moms, with plenty of pockets and space for all baby essentials while looking fashionable. Choose brands known for their durability and style, so this bag is not only useful in the first year but can serve as a stylish bag far beyond (for a 2nd child, for example).

Consider leather or vegan alternatives, water-resistant fabrics and adjustable straps for comfort and versatility. This bag will quickly become her new go-to, whether she's on the playground or out to dinner.

Tip 5: A Professional Photo Shoot

Capturing those special first moments as a new family is priceless. After all, your baby is going to look very different very soon, and you'll never get those moments back. Therefore, a great gift as a push present is a professional photo shoot.

Choose a photographer who puts you at ease and who preferably specializes in similar photo shoots (photographing babies is almost a profession). These photos will not only be beautiful to hang at home but will also become a super cool memory of the start of your adventure as a family.

And there you have it, five heartwarming and personalized push present ideas that will surprise any new mom. Whether it's a piece of jewelry that grows with your family, a well-deserved spa day, or a stylish diaper/care bag, each gift offers a unique way to celebrate this special stage of life.

Still looking for more inspiration? Then consider a handwritten letter with your thoughts and wishes for the future, a coffee subscription for those inevitable long nights, or even a beautiful star map of the night of birth. Whatever you choose, it will undoubtedly be appreciated.

Hopefully you've found inspiration to spoil that special new mom in your life. And remember, it's ultimately the love and the gesture that counts! ;)


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