Wat geef je cadeau voor een communie of lentefeest? 10 cadeautips.

What to give as a gift for a communion or spring party? 10 gift tips.

Communion and spring celebrations are an important moment in a child's life, and important moments require appropriate gifts. But what do you actually buy for someone who is going to have their communion/spring celebration? For such an important day, this is not always an easy task. But don't worry, we have listed the best gifts for you so you don't have to worry about finding the perfect gift anymore. So read on for lots of gift inspiration!

How much do you spend on average for a communion as godfather, godmother or guest?

American studies show that, on average, grandparents spend the most money on gifts for their grandchildren ($160). In second place are parents and stepparents with $150, followed by godparents with $130. Notably, godparents often spend more on their godchild: 3 out of 5 godparents report spending more on their godchild than on other children. Similar spending patterns are observed in the U.S. Keep in mind that averages can vary widely. Some (grand)parents will spend significantly more than the average, while others will spend less. Consider your own budget.

What kinds of gifts can you give?

There are lots of options for gifts for a communion. Anyway, you are not doing anything wrong by buying something from the wish list of the child whose communion or spring celebration it is. Still, a communion remains a unique moment, so look for a gift that is not too perishable and that they will preferably enjoy for years to come. This way, the gift will remain a beautiful memory of this unique event.

We have already listed some tips. So read on quickly.

1. A beautiful gift

Gold bracelet

Gold jewelry is one of the most popular gifts to give at communions and spring parties. Gold remains beautiful for a long time, is strong in material and goes with everything. So with a gold bracelet for children you certainly can't go wrong. If you want to give it an extra touch, you can have the child's name engraved on the bracelet, making it even more personal.

Feel free to browse our collection of children's bracelets for inspiration.


Silver earrings

Silver or gold earrings are of course a super nice gift to give to your little communicant. Because what girl does not want to look like a princess on her (first) communion?

Looking for inspiration? Take a look at our earrings collection for children. People are more likely to reach for silver jewelry than regular accessories. Be sure to buy real silver so your gift will last a long time and won't end up in the trash after being worn a few times. Then your gift will undoubtedly excel without a doubt!


2. A gift on wheels

A bicycle

A bicycle is something that every child needs sooner or later. Not only is it a very fun gift but it is also very useful. Children can use it to cycle themselves to school, to go outside to play or to cycle to the nearest park. A pink bike for the girls or a cool bike for the boys will surely be a gift they won't put aside anytime soon! Besides, getting their own bike teaches children to stand on their own two feet and quietly learn to become independent.


A travel suitcase

A trolley/travel suitcase is a fun and practical gift. The wheels make it very easy to roll everywhere with your child to the airport, to grandma and grandpa, you name it!

It is ideal for your communicant to store and transport her/his clothes and all other necessities. Also, of course, it has the great advantage that they don't have to carry all the weight on their back and instead just "drag" it along, and of course a cute print on the trolley completes it all.


3. A gift to give as a meter

Netflix subscription

A fun gift to give as a meter is a "gift certificate" for Netflix. This gift is ideal for watching movies/series together when your mete-child visits or when you visit. You can choose the amount you like to buy the voucher for, starting from €25. Another nice thing about it is that children's accounts can be created (should the need arise) so they can only access movies and series aimed at children.

Sports jersey of his/her favorite team

Is your communicant very sporty and can't stop talking about their favorite soccer team? Then you will definitely score with this gift! Not only will you be giving a very well thought out gift to your communicant(s), but with this gift you also show that you really know them well too! You can never miss with a personalized gift that matches someone's character and interests!


4. Give an experience gift

Going to an amusement park together

A day out together is always fun, so why not gift a day like this? Amusement parks are the perfect outings for communicants who love dozens of feet high roller coasters, going over the top rides and of course, not to mention, fun memories! With this gift, you will have all day time together with the communicant and the two of you (or others together) will make the most wonderful memories.

Get a concert

Do you have a communicant who sings along to his/her favorite songs all day long? Someone who claims to be the biggest fan of a singer or a certain band? Someone who keeps having to ask you to turn down the radio a little bit because you can't hear yourself through the loud music drumming through the speakers? Does all this sound like music to your ears and do you know such a music geek? Then a concert is undoubtedly the best gift you could think of for your communicant! So get out your earplugs and get ready to have an unforgettable day together.

Hopefully this has helped you a little bit in your search for the ultimate gift for a communion or spring party. Looking for even more inspiration? Feel free to check out our collection of gold jewelry for kids. We have gold kids bracelets, and recently also small earrings.

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